# 1:  Sleeve your block, Bored,Honed, Decked, Debured, Hot Tank  ,CP Pistons, Manley H-beams or (Turbo Tuff Rods for extra $330.00), ACL Bearings, No assembly  $2530.00 (or $2860.00 with turbo tuff rods) ....plus shipping.

Engine balancing  for all engines..Call or Email for pricing

Dan Benson Racing Sleeve Packages for your Honda Engines:            

Selling all types of Pistons, Rods, ACL bearings for your V8 to 4 cylinders ....Manley..    ,CP Pistons.. ACL bearings Call for price!

These packages use your engine core. I only have a few Honda cores left to sell. I Have no GSR's B18C blocks.

Coming Soon

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Subarus Engine kits coming soon!  Sleeving, Aline Honed Cases ARP Case Bolts, CP Pistons, Manley Rods, ACL Bearings.


Engine kits with sleeving ..All your parts to do your engine right the first time! Call or Email us!

We Are selling :   CP Pistons and Manley Parts for your Engine, Rods ,Pistons, Rings, ACL Bearings, ARP studs Gaskets..Call or Email us

# 2: Sleeve your block, Bored ,Honed, Decked, Debured, Hot Tank, Assmebled ,File Fit Rings, Polish Crank, Balance Crank, Aline Honed mains With ARP main Studs, CP pistons,H-Beams or( Manley Turbo Tuff Rods for extra$330.00), ACL Bearings, ARP Main Studs. $3355.00 (or 3685.00 with turbo tuff rods)    plus shipping.

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These prices are for a limited time!

we are now assembling short blocks, if you want it assembled right ,call us or Email us for pricing