Engine balancing  for all engines..Call or Email for pricing

Dan Benson Racing Sleeve Packages for your Honda Engines:            


Engine kits with sleeving ..All your parts to do your engine right the first time! Call or Email us!

# 1:  Sleeve your block, Bored,Honed, Decked, Debured, Hot Tank  ,CP Pistons, Manley H-beams or (Turbo Tuff Rods for extra $330.00), ACL Bearings, No assembly  $2530.00 (or $2860.00 with turbo tuff rods) ....plus shipping.

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These packages use your engine core. I only have a few Honda cores left to sell. I Have no GSR's B18C blocks.

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Selling all types of Pistons, Rods, ACL bearings for your V8 to 4 cylinders ....Manley..    ,CP Pistons.. ACL bearings Call for price!

These prices are for a limited time!

we are now assembling short blocks, if you want it assembled right ,call us or Email us for pricing

We Are selling :   CP Pistons and Manley Parts for your Engine, Rods ,Pistons, Rings, ACL Bearings, ARP studs Gaskets..Call or Email us


# 2: Sleeve your block, Bored ,Honed, Decked, Debured, Hot Tank, Assmebled ,File Fit Rings, Polish Crank, Balance Crank, Aline Honed mains With ARP main Studs, CP pistons,H-Beams or( Manley Turbo Tuff Rods for extra$330.00), ACL Bearings, ARP Main Studs. $3355.00 (or 3685.00 with turbo tuff rods)    plus shipping.